Survival Camp with Mark Wienert

Wilderness survival camps for adults and teens since 1994.


Survival Camp with Mark Wienert is an exclusive survival camp specializing in hands-on personal instruction in basic and advanced courses in wilderness survival, bushcraft, nature awareness, and tracking skills.  Camps are held seasonally in California, Oregon, and Texas.

Survival Camp with Mark Wienert
L.O.S.T. TX. survival training. Advanced students completing a debris hut survival shelter during camp.  March 2015.

Survival Camp with Mark Wienert

Survival Camp with Mark Wienert is personally empowering, fun, professional, and regardless of your experience level in the outdoors help you better develop wilderness survival and self-reliance skills in the outdoors.

“Hi Mark, This is Qiong W. I attended the Texas survival camp last year and had a wonderful time. When people asked me about my best time in America, I always mentioned my experience during the camp. That was probably my most exciting and memorable adventure I have ever done.” ~Qiong W.

Adult Survival Training and Adventure Camp – California

wilderness survival, wild edibles, nature awareness, bushcraft, outstanding outdoor adventure for adults in California

One of the best experiences of my life was that week I spent in camp with you guys. I talk about it all the time! …….and tell Mark I miss the taste of those delicious California grasshoppers! (actually…..I REALLY miss those buffalo burgers you make! ) Skip M.

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

standard and advanced survival training, wild edible plants, challenging bushcraft skills.

At Texas camp, the type of knowledge, training, and certainty of action gives you the edge during any crisis. L.O.S.T-Texas survival training is much more than learning how to respond in a crisis. The skills and techniques you develop during this course are also doorways to a greater and richer experience in the world of nature.

Dear Mark, I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful week, it was very enlightening, humbling and so interesting to get a small glimpse into your wealth of knowledge.  I really walked away with more than I thought I would and it has really put a new perspective on things. I look forward to my next adventure with Lifesong!    ~Chris W.

Texas Teen Camp Survival Training

Texas Teen Survival Training, Spring Break, March 20-24, 2016 near Austin Texas.  Texas teen survival training is a five-day four-night outdoor adventure camp for teenagers 14 years and older.

Survival School Weekend – California

the perfect way to begin your training in basic, practical, and useful survival skills in the span of a weekend. 

Thanks again Mark for the great time. Beautiful setting, excellent instruction, and practical application. An all-around amazing experience. See you again, Tim B.

Oregon Survival School

one and two-day outdoor survival and bush-craft training at our Oregon location offers courses in basic, practical, and useful survival skills including survival shelter, fire craft, animal and man tracking, coastal wild plants, and intro survival trapping – Oregon

I highly recommend branching out and take a course or two from Lifesong Wilderness Adventures. Mark is an outstanding instructor!!    ~Roberta K.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

education in outdoor skills, leadership training, challenge and adventure for teens

Teens find our co-ed teen adventure summer camps in California fun, exciting, and life changing. Our teen camps are filled with adventure and challenge at every turn. Teens learn valuable survival skills just like adults, which include fire craft, shelter making, the sacred hunt, animal tracking, and hiking.

Along with these important skills, teens also develop life lessons and leadership skills in a supportive, positive, outdoor wilderness environment. Co-ed summer adventure camps for teens ages 14 +

Thank you Mark for another amazing summer for my son! Khalil’s smile still has not faded. You are such an inspiration to our young men. best always, Dana.

Survival Camp with Mark Wienert

At survival camp with Mark Wienert you enter an exciting world of exploration, discovery, adventure, and wonder. The skills that we teach empower and deepen your connection and awareness to the natural world while increasing your knowledge, experience, and skill level dramatically in the outdoors.

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To learn more about your personal survival coach, please Meet Mark Wienert, head instructor at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures. Give the gift that keeps on giving year after year. You’ll be happy you did.