Survival Camp with Mark Wienert

Wilderness Survival Camp for Adults and Teens,

with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures in California, Texas, Oregon specializing in basic and advanced wilderness survival: nature awareness; bush-craft; and, animal tracking skills.

Celebrating 20 years of Wilderness Survival Adventures!

Wilderness adventures and survival training for men and women with mark Wienert

Wilderness Survival Camp for adults and teens
with Mark Wienert


Lifesong Wilderness Adventures is an exclusive outdoor wilderness survival education camp specializing in hands-on, personal instruction in basic and advanced courses in wilderness survival, bush-craft, nature awareness, and animal tracking skills.





Adult Survival Training and Adventure Camps – California

wilderness survival training camp, wild edibles, nature awareness, education in bush-craft skills, outstanding outdoor adventure


Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

standard and advanced survival training, wild edible plants, challenging bushcraft skills


Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

education in outdoor skills, leadership training, challenge and adventure for teens


Survival School Weekend – California

the perfect way to begin your training in basic, practical, and useful survival skills in the span of a weekend


Oregon Survival School

one and two day outdoor survival and bushcraft training in basic, practical, and useful survival skills – Oregon