Survival Camp with Mark Wienert

Survival Camp with With Mark Wienert

Offers exclusive outdoor wilderness survival education specializing in hands-on exponential personal instruction in basic and advanced wilderness survival, bush-craft, nature awareness, and animal tracking skills. Since 1994, Mark Wienert has offered wilderness survival training and extreme adventure for both adults and teens with overnight camps running 3 to 28 days in northern California, Oregon, and Texas.

 21 years of Wilderness Survival Camps!

Debris Hut LOST-Texas 2015

L.O.S.T. TX. Survival Training 2015

wilderness survival – bush-craft – nature awareness

Adult Survival Training and Adventure Camp – California

wilderness survival camp, wild edibles, nature awareness, bush-craft, outstanding outdoor adventure for adults in California.

Survival skills are personally empowering and fun to learn. Regardless of your experience level in the outdoors I have uniquely designed my adult camp so you too can learn and develop the awesome skills of wilderness survival.


Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

standard and advanced survival training, wild edible plants, challenging bush-craft skills. Camps include L.O.S.T. – Texas and A Scouts Path.

At Texas camp, the type of knowledge, training, and certainty of action gives you the edge during any crisis. L.O.S.T-Texas survival training is much more than learning how to respond in a crisis. The skills and techniques you develop during this course are also doorways to a greater and richer experience in the world of nature.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

education in outdoor skills, leadership training, challenge and adventure for teens

Teens find our co-ed teen adventure summer camps in California fun and exciting. Our teen camps are filled with adventure and challenge at every turn. Teens learn valuable survival skills just like adults, which include fire craft, shelter making, the sacred hunt, animal tracking, and hiking skills.

Along with these important skills, teens also develop life lessons and leadership skills in a supportive, positive, and fun outdoor wilderness environment. We offer co-ed summer adventure camps for teens ages 14 +

Survival School Weekend – California

the perfect way to begin your training in basic, practical, and useful survival skills in the span of a weekend

Survival School – Weekend Training.  Maybe you are nervous about jumping in for a whole week and just want to get your feet wet, no worries, Survival School Weekend – CA fits your needs.

Some survival skills are so simple, you’ll be saying to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that!” Other skills will challenge and help you think of alternatives instead of bemoaning the loss of a lighter or worrying about the coming darkness.

The rugged Klamath country of northern California with its amazing diversity in plants and wildlife make the California Survival School weekend – California packed full of learning and adventure

Oregon Survival School

one and two day outdoor survival and bush-craft training at our Oregon location offers courses in basic, practical, and useful survival skills including survival shelter, fire craft, animal and man tracking, coastal wild plants, and intro survival trapping – Oregon

Oregon Survival School – the rugged and beautiful Oregon coast offers a variety of opportunities to practice and learn basic and advanced wilderness survival skills. The Oregon coast known for its rain forest habitat will challenge even the best in fire making and survival shelter skills.

When you attend Lifesong Wilderness Adventures Survival Camp with Mark Wienert you enter an exciting world of exploration, adventure, and wonder. The skills imparted empower and deepen your connection and awareness to the natural world.

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