Bear Grylls Knife

by Mark on November 9, 2010

Bear Grylls, of Man Vs Wild fame, uses a survival knife to make himself at home in the wilderness.

Bear Grylls - Desert Island

Bear Grylls – Desert Island

From folders to full tang blades, the knives all tend to be lightweight, and generally reasonably priced.  Bear uses a variety of knives in his episodes that aren’t necessarily the best knife for the situation.

Grylls shares with us that you may find yourself stranded without the perfect blade, or possibly with no knife at all; as in the ‘Sierra Nevada’ shoot.

If you are interested in survival knives, check my article out – Survival Knife – and make sure you follow the thread on the Bear Grylls survival knife on the link above.

Half the fun I have with survival knives is testing them in the field and putting the knife through its paces.  Not to abuse but to see how well they perform in real outdoor survival conditions.

I generally make use of a knife in the field for two important applications.  One, is for heavy chopping of small poles and tree limbs for shelter construction.  Using a knife that has some heft to it can make this job easier on hands, arms, and the weight makes a real positive impact when we really need to get through wood quickly.

The other main use for a knife is carving.  Its difficult to whittle with a giant honking Texas Bowie knife, when all you need is a strong thin blade with a comfortable handle to do the job.

One that fits in your pocket is nice, or maybe a little bit bigger carver that fits in a sheath on your hip.  The thin blade knife is not for prying, even the best can bend or be broken, prying does not suit small knives or any knife for that matter, though I myself am guilty of this type of abuse at times.

We’re always interested in hearing your experience about your survival knife, what knife you really like, or about the knife that ended up being a disappointment to you as well.  So leave us a comment here if you wish to and let folks know about your experience; special deals on knives, or how you like the “Man Vs Wild” show.

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