What Should I Take for a Wilderness Survival Weekend

by Mark on February 8, 2013

What Should I Take for a Lifesong Adventures Wilderness Survival Weekend

This is our recommendation list of gear to take with you for Lifesong’s Weekend Survival School Course.

Weekend Survival School Gear List

All camp items on the checklist below are important for an enjoyable and comfortable camp experience.

  • Tent & Sleeping pad for your convenience, rentals are available online.
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Eating utensils – cup for hot drinks, bowl, plate
        • flatware – NO GLASS
        • Water bottle – minimum one-quart size
        •  *Knife* – non-folding, 4-6” fixed blade.
            We do not recommend serrated edged knives for camp.
        •  Flashlight or headlamp – with extra batteries
        •  Towels – we do not provide hand or bath towels
        •  Toilet kit – personal hygiene biodegradable products only, toilet paper Personal medication if appropriate.
        •  Bug spray
        •  Sun screen
        •  Clothing – for warm and cool conditions
        •  Swimwear
        •  Footwear – sturdy all terrain shoes/boots necessary for comfort and safety
        • Extra footwear – sturdy water shoes, tennis
          shoes are great! NO thongs or flip-flops this is not an option.
        •  Hat – sun/rain/warmth
        •  Rain gear – example poncho
        •  Bandana
        •  Gloves/mittens – for cool/cold conditions
        •  Day pack
        •  Sturdy notebook – not a note pad
        •  Pens/pencils
        •  Camera/optional

      We encourage participants to utilize their local thrift store for many of the items listed above. Many items maybe acquired inexpensively. Please pack your personal clothing and equipment in a duffel bag, backpack, or luggage.

      Weekend Survival School

      Foods to take

      You will want easily prepared snacks and meals included in your weekend kit.  Simple prepackaged meals are popular to bring; just add hot water for a quick and easy hot meal.  A wide variety of prepackaged foods are available online or your local outfitter.

      Get Creative

      You can also get creative and cook your favorite meals at home, freeze them in recycled containers and bring them in a cooler with you to camp. Much better eating than most commercial prepackaged foods and you’ll enjoy great savings.

      More recommendations for foods you should take

      Dried Meat – jerky, salami
      Canned fish – sardines
      Instant soups
      MRI’s (meals ready to eat)
      Crackers – cheese
      Peanut butter/jelly
      Fruit – dried, fresh
      Nuts/GORP (good old raisins and nuts)

      You are welcome to bring your camp stove with you to prepare your meals while at camp. We will have hot water available for cooking, hot drinks, and kitchen clean up at camp.

      Pack it in – Pack it out, Thanks!
      What Should I Take for a Wilderness Survival Weekend


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