Top Wilderness Survival Courses

by Mark on March 26, 2013

Top Wilderness Survival Courses in the U.S.

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LOST-TX survival training with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures

Top wilderness survival courses with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures

For over 20 years Lifesong has taught wilderness survival and extreme adventure to both men and women with courses running 3 to 28 days in northern California, Oregon, and Texas.

Top Wilderness Survival Courses with Mark Wienert

Wilderness survival courses with professional survival expert Mark Wienert

First Circle Camp CA and LOST -TX Survival Training

First Circle Camp and LOST – TX are the standard wilderness survival course for the adult beginning camper or the experienced backpacker, hunter, or hiker.

Have a question about what adult Lifesong course to take first? First Circle Camp CA, or LOST – TX? (see our adult camp page for more information about each of these two excellent courses).

Fighting Against Nature

We believe fighting nature in a survival situation is the worst attitude a person could have and is a loosing battle. However, If you believe like we do, that respecting and understanding nature gives you better odds to survive and flourish, then you will be a perfect fit with us and Wienert’s teaching philosophy.

The best survival kit there is?

The best survival kit there is, is the one you carry on top of your shoulders. It’s the only survival go-bag that you can depend on in any survival situation regardless of where you are.

  • Your mental attitude
  • knowledge
  • experience
  • and your ability to cope and adapt to a new changing reality.

To survive, you must be willing to change and adapt to the new reality

Mark Wienert has been teaching wilderness survival and nature awareness professionally since 1994. Mark is a professional licensed guide with the State of Oregon, a volunteer with Coos County Search and Rescue, and a member of the Oregon Sheriffs Association.

Experience, is the stone that sharpens the edge

If you’re looking for top wilderness  survival courses offering excellent wilderness survival courses look no further, contact  Mark Wienert at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures today.



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