Top Wilderness Survival Courses

by Mark on March 26, 2013

 Top Wilderness Survival Courses

Top Survival Courses Group Photo

Top Wilderness Survival Courses

Top Wilderness Survival Courses

Survival courses with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures.

We offer guided survival training beginning with our First Circle survival 6 day trip to the 28 day Adult Immersion outdoor adventure. Lifesong is one of the top wilderness survival schools offering some of the best survival courses you will find anywhere.

First Circle Camp
The first in our adult wilderness survival series courses.

Top wilderness survival courses with professional survival expert Mark Wienert

Top wilderness survival courses with professional survival expert Mark Wienert

First Circle Camp is a top wilderness survival course for the adult beginning camper or the experienced backpacker, hunter, or hiker.

We offer empowering survival courses for both adult men and women, Wienert offers courses in emergency shelter, fire making, locating water, and foraging for food. All covered in the First Circle adult wilderness survival camp.

Top wilderness Survival Courses


Against Nature
At Lifesong we believe that fighting nature is a loosing battle. If your idea is to survive and flourish in nature like us then you will be a perfect fit for our training. The only thing that keeps us alive from moment to moment is our, attitude, knowledge, and our ability to cope and adapt to a changing and new reality… Go with the flow.

Experience is the stone that sharpens the edge. 
Wienert has been teaching wilderness survival and nature awareness professionally sine 1994. Wienert is a professional licensed guide with the State of Oregon, a volunteer with Search and Rescue, and a member of the Oregon Sheriffs Association.

If you’re looking for a top professional survival school offering excellent wilderness survival courses look no further, contact  Mark Wienert at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures today and begin your adventure into a whole new world of adventure and excitement.


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