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Adult Wilderness Survival Camps – California

“The adult Circle camp survival series is a wilderness skills methodology that guides you from a beginning level of knowledge, and transforms you into an experienced, advanced, outdoor adventurer in three weeks of training.”    Mark Wienert

The Circle camp series of survival, First, Second, and THE EDGE are held at our field Camp locations near Mt Shasta, California, and Austin Texas.

First Circle Camp

First Circle wilderness survival and bushcraft skills is an exclusive week-long outdoor California training camp featuring, basic survival skills using primitive and modern technology, wilderness navigation and orientation, fundamentals of tracking and nature awareness, survival attitude, and provides outstanding outdoor adventure.

Lifesong Wilderness Adventures offers the best hands-on, personalized attention while developing your physical and mental ability for wilderness survival and natural disasters…

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Second Circle Camp

Second Circle Camp expands First Circle’s exclusive CA wilderness survival training and bushcraft skills by increasing your foundation in outdoor survival with adventure. Second Circle is your next step in Lifesong Adventure’s advanced CA survival circle training…

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THE EDGE-extreme adventure

THE EDGE extreme vacation survival adventure based on Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild and Born Survivor, Discovery TV series. THE EDGE is about survival and facing the unknown.  Mark Wienert, a consultant for Man vs. Wild, uses powerful survival skills and nature awareness techniques personally developed by Mark and specifically designed to give you THE EDGE in life!

Lifesong Wilderness Adventures offers the best hands-on, personalized attention while developing your physical and mental ability. This is an, “in your face” serious adventure.  Are you ready to experience the challenge and excitement you will find, by bringing yourself to THE EDGE of survival in a rigorous, demanding, and personally empowering extreme vacation adventure!

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The Journey – the ultimate challenge

The adventure continues. Exclusively for graduates of THE EDGE. You have survived THE EDGE and hunger for more. Now for the ultimate challenge.

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1 – 2 – 3 – 4  Survival Series

For those who want more in-depth training, we urge you to take the First and Second Circle Camp series before taking the extreme adventure challenge…THE EDGE, the Third Circle.  If you want it all, the last adventure – The Journey these four outstanding programs deliver.

 More Adult Camps

Wilderness Immersion Adults CA – 28 days

Wilderness Immersion is an extensive, 28-day survival-training adventure. See course page for a description.
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A Scouts Path – personal security and survival course

A Scouts Path takes the student beyond the basic techniques of survival, tracking, and awareness, and into the unique skill set of the ancient Scout.

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The Way – a Wilderness Philosophy

The Way is a philosophical approach to survival and a journey of personal transformation, empowerment, self-discovery, and renewal. The Way is highly recommended for people who are looking for a deeper connection to nature and the spirit that moves through all things.

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Winter Survival Camp

Extreme conditions call for more challenge and awareness to develop your winter bushcraft abilities. This week long course and Mark’s hands-on approach to education develops your physical and mental acuity building a firm foundation in survival training. Winter training addresses the most important fundamentals for outdoor survival in snow country.

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Texas Survival School

L.O.S.T. – Texas Adult Survival Training

Join us each March near Austin TX. for Lifesong Outdoor Survival Training – TX.
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Adult Camps