First Circle Camp the standard in adult survival training in california

First Circle Outdoor Wilderness Survival Training Camp – CA

First Circle

Outdoor Wilderness Survival Training Camp – CA

 First Circle Camp is the Standard in California outdoor wilderness survival training

First Circle Camp, features empowering survival skills emphasizing primitive and modern technology. First Circle Camp provides outstanding outdoor survival training during this six (6) day training.

First Circle Outdoor Wilderness Survival Training Camp - CA

Adult wilderness survival training with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures – California

Location: northern California near Mount Shasta.

Tuition: $895.00, 90 day early registration (ER) price – $845.00

Dates: 2016 – May 15-20 & August 14-19 & September 04-09.  ~OPEN

Early registration (ER) $50.00 discount. Register 90 days on or before the first day of camp choice.

READ Registration Policies before purchasing camp. Register by check.

First Circle Survival Camp

California Wilderness Survival Training – First Circle

First Circle Camp California

First Circle Outdoor Wilderness Survival Training Camp – CA

First Circle Camp provides expert hands-on training in the skills of wilderness survival.  At camp, you receive personalized one-on-one attention to help you build up your survival skills in a relaxed, fun, and friendly, learning environment.

Whether you are a first time camper or an experienced outdoors man or woman, Wienert’s survival training will help you build a strong foundation in outdoor wilderness survival and nature awareness skills.

First Circle Camp Curriculum

  • survival shelters – modern and primitive
  • clothing – layering and natural insulation
  • water – locate, solar – treatment and filtering systems
  • fire – modern and primitive friction fire
  • wild food – plant, insect, and animal
  • wild plant – medicinal and utilitarian
  • survival knife – style, sharpening, use and safety
  • primitive hunting tools
  • tracking and nature observation
  • nature awareness
  • the hunt – controlled stillness and movement, stalking and camouflage
  • trapping methods – snares, dead-falls
  • survival attitude
  • staying found

The valuable skills, applications, and knowledge imparted to you empowers your life, while deepening your connection to the outdoors.

First Circle Camp is perfect for both adult women and men to begin their wilderness survival training.

First Circle Outdoor Wilderness Survival Training Camp - CA

Chowing down on sautéed grasshoppers…First Circle Camp California

Just 6 days spent immersed in nature will develop your awareness, self-reliance, confidence, deep connection, and respect for nature and the outdoors. It’s the best education on the outdoors you can give yourself.

LWA’s Circle Series of Survival Training

First Circle Camp, is the first of three camps we offer in the Circle series of survival curriculum.  First Circle, is the standard. This is where you begin.  Second Circle Camp, is the next camp for advanced survival and nature awareness training.  Thirdly, THE EDGE, our extreme survival challenge.

Each Circle camp increases your knowledge, experience, and skill level exponentially in the outdoors.  Register today.  You will be happy you did.

More ♦ Camp Info

  • Eligible Students:  adults minimum age 18 – enrollment maximum 20
  • Requirements:   none
  • Duration:  6 days 5 nights
  • Schedule:  begins on a Sunday 4:00 pm – ends on a Friday at 12:00 pm (noon)
  • Location:  4 hours north of San Francisco Bay area, in northern California near Mt Shasta
  • Accommodations:  primitive outdoor camping
  • Meals:  included
  • Equipment:  a registration packet will be supplied after enrollment; tent and sleeping pad rentals are available for $30
  • Transport: shuttle service from Medford, Oregon airport $100; Dunsmuir, CA train station $55; and, Weed, CA Greyhound bus station free
  • We reserve the right to include or omit any of the course topics listed
  • Instructors and Staff: Mark Wienert Jr. owner – founder and head instructor; Staff – Lifesong volunteer students and possible guest instructor(s)

First Circle Outdoor Wilderness Survival Training Camp – CA.  The Standard in Wilderness Survival Training for adult Men and Women.