THE EDGE – Extreme Survival Training Adventure

THE EDGE extreme survival training with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures


Extreme Wilderness Survival Training Adventure

Based in part on Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild TV series.

THE EDGE where the art of survival and meets the challenge of the unknown.

Do you have what it takes? To survive ~THE EDGE!

Mark Wienert, consultant for Man vs. Wild, uses powerful survival skills and nature awareness techniques personally developed by Wienert and specifically designed to give you THE EDGE in life!

Location: northern California near Mt. Shasta.

Dates for 2015: May 24-29, August 09-14,

& September 20-25 ~$895.00    ~OPEN

60 day early registration price-$845.00

READ Registration Policies before purchasing camp.

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Don’t see a date that works for you? Customize THE EDGE to fit your schedule. 

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THE EDGE extreme survival training adventure

offers hands-on, personalized attention while developing your physical and mental ability. This is an, “in your face” serious adventure. Are you ready to experience the challenge and excitement you will find, by bringing yourself to THE EDGE of extreme survival in a rigorous, demanding, and personally empowering wilderness adventure!

Program ♦ THE EDGE 

  • emergency fire making
  • minimal shelter
  • water a vital need
  • food if you can find it

Masterful skills needed to successfully face and survive the unknown, distilled into 6 intensely challenging days of training and adventure for you.

With only a knife, flint, canteen and the clothes on your back, you head into the wilderness to face the unknown and join the elite, survival of the fittest.

THE EDGE extreme vacationCalifornia

It is with purpose we do not give out specific details about camp in order to enhance your extreme survival vacation.  It is our goal to help you develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-empowerment while facing the unknown.  Mark Wienert supplies the knowledge and tools to give you THE EDGE.

Even though you will be on your own and away from our main camp for your overnight adventure, we monitor participants to insure a great experience.  Plenty of delicious mountain water is available at all times during all aspects of camp.

Dear LWA,

“I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks & gratitude.  As you know THE EDGE was a 50th birthday present from my family.  Singularly, this was the best gift I ever received.  Your camp was outstanding and exceeded my expectations.  Your curriculum and intensive training got me well prepared for my solo overnight adventure.  I would recommend this camp to anyone young & old alike, male or female.”     

All the best. ~  Dr. Dean G. Professor Columbia University


Dear Mark,

“I am awfully glad I had the opportunity to spend that time with you. It has helped me connect in a more profound way to nature around me. I look at it differently and slow down so that I can be more present to it – for some reason I am now better able to blot out much of the extraneous stimuli of modern life. Also, and equally important, I have an entirely more practical and nuanced understanding of survival in the wild – no longer driven to conquer it, far less afraid of it, and far more confident in my ability to make the appropriate decisions. Far more in awe of nature too! ” 

   Cheers! ~ Hugh M.  Realtor 

Darren and Rick share their EDGE experience and a testimonial.

Hey Mark,I hope this email finds you well.  I wanted to thank you again for an amazing experience in the edge camp. Rick and I had a great time learning about the wild and how to survive with nothing! ~Darren D.


1 – 2 – 3 Survival Series

For those who want more excitement and more in-depth training, we encourage you to take the First and Second Circle Camp series before taking the final challenge…THE EDGE, the Third Circle.  If you want it all, these three outstanding programs deliver.

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More ♦ Camp Info

  • Eligible Students: adults minimum age 18 – enrollment maximum 6 – recommended for couples
  • Requirements: medical practitioner’s release
  • Duration: 6 days 5 nights
  • Schedule: begins onaSunday 4:00 pm – ends on a Friday at 12:00 pm (noon)
  • Location: 4 hours north of San Francisco Bay area, in the northern California mountainsat over 6000 feet
  • Accommodations: primitive outdoor camping
  • Meals: included
  • Equipment: a registration packet will be supplied after enrollment; tent and sleeping pad provided for THE EDGE participants
  • Knife Recommendation: SOG Northwest Ranger
  • Transport: Shuttle service from Medford, Oregon airport $100; Dunsmuir, CA train station $55; and, Weed, CA Greyhound bus station free.
  • Instructors and Staff: Mark Wienert Jr. owner – founder and head instructor; Staff – Lifesong volunteer students and possible guest instructor(s)

If your ready to challenge yourself while learning important and valuable survival skills, your ready for THE EDGE extreme survival training adventure. Contact us today and reserve your spot.