Extreme Wilderness Survival Training – The Edge

 Extreme Wilderness Survival Training

Where the art of survival meets the challenge of the unknown. Do you have what it takes to survive ~THE EDGE?

extreme wilderness survival training THE EDGE

Powerful survival skills specifically designed give you the edge during this exciting adventure! Register here for your extreme survival vacation.

Extreme wilderness survival training ~THE EDGE 

Locations: 2017: northern California near Mt. Shasta, and Texas, 2017, near Austin.

Tuition: $895.00

Texas Date: 2017: March  19-24 ~OPEN

California Date: 2017: June 11-16 CA ~OPEN

Requirements:  medical release form.

READ Registration Policies before purchasing camp.

Register by check.


Extreme Wilderness Survival Training

This exciting adventure offers hands-on personalized attention with Mark as he teaches you how to find your new comfort zone. Increase your physical and mental ability in the skills of survival.

Are you ready to experience the challenge and excitement you will find, by bringing yourself to the edge of extreme survival in a rigorous, demanding, and personally empowering wilderness adventure?

Of course, you are.  What are you waiting for?  Register today!

THE EDGE is not for the armchair adventurer

At Lifesong, we offer real adventures where we teach you how to survive and thrive using professionally tested techniques by Mark in a real wilderness setting.

Our clients stand out from the couch crowd and live their lives by experiencing real-life adventures to the fullest while having a great time and building real memories from true-life experiences.

Superior wilderness survival training for the Pacific Coast Trail

If you are planning to do one of America’s greatest thru-hikes, the Pacific Coast Trail, I highly recommend THE EDGE as part of your hands-on PCT trail training.

This 6-day adventure imparts survival skills that apply to real backcountry survival emergencies. Your new-found survival skills will be tested during this course.

Rites of Passage

Rites of passage, such as THE EDGE, mark and celebrate the most important times in our lives. Our clients take part in this adventure to reaffirm they still have “what it takes”, and reconnect with wilderness. While others to mark the transition from youth to adulthood.  All attend to build lasting memories.

LWA’s extreme outdoor adventure is a personal challenge and designed to be one. I cannot recommend this course enough to you.

Plan early. I urge you to test your metal and challenge yourself by registering for this exciting adventure today.

Program ♦ THE EDGE 

  • emergency fire making
  • minimal shelter
  • water a vital need
  • food if you can find it

Masterful skills needed to successfully face and survive the unknown, distilled into 6 intensely challenging days of training and adventure for you.

With only a knife, flint, canteen, and the clothes on your back. You head into the wilderness to face the unknown and join the élite, survival of the fittest.

THE EDGE extreme vacation California & Texas

It is with purpose we do not give out details about camp to enhance your extreme survival vacation.  It is our goal to help you develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-empowerment while facing the unknown.  Mark Wienert supplies the knowledge and tools to give you THE EDGE.

Do You have what it takes to survive in the wild? This camp will teach you how. Even though you will be on your own and away from our main camp for your overnight adventure, we check participants to make sure of a great experience.  Plenty of delicious mountain water is available at all times during all aspects of camp.


Read what our EDGE graduates have to say.

Extreme Wilderness Survival Training THE EDGEDear LWA,

“I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks & gratitude.  As you know THE EDGE was a 50th birthday present from my family.  Singularly, this was the best gift I ever received.  Your camp was outstanding and exceeded my expectations.  Your curriculum and intensive training got me well prepared for my solo overnight adventure.  I would recommend this camp to anyone young & old alike, male or female.”     

All the best. ~  Dr. Dean G. Professor Columbia University


Dear Mark,

“I am awfully glad I had the opportunity to spend that time with you. It has helped me connect in a more profound way to nature around me. I look at it differently and slow down so that I can be more present to it – for some reason I am now better able to blot out much of the extraneous stimuli of modern life. Also, and equally important, I have an entirely more practical and nuanced understanding of survival in the wild – no longer driven to conquer it, far less afraid of it, and far more confident in my ability to make the appropriate decisions. Far more in awe of nature too! ” Cheers! ~ Hugh M.


“Hey Mark, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to thank you again for an amazing experience in the edge camp. Rick and I had a great time learning about the wild and how to survive with nothing!” ~Darren D.

For more testimonials from our EDGE students go -HERE

Register for this exciting and personal challenging class while you can. You will be happy you did. THE EDGE is a gift that keeps on giving.  Contact Mark today and request a registration form today.

More ♦ Camp Info

  • Eligible Students: adults minimum age 18 – enrollment maximum 8 – recommended for couples
  • Requirements: medical practitioner’s release
  • Duration: 6 days 5 nights
  • Schedule: begins on a Sunday 4:00 pm – ends on a Friday at 12:00 pm (noon)
  • Location: 4 hours drive north of San Francisco Bay area, in northern California near Mount Shasta. 6 hours south of Portland Oregon.
  • Accommodations: primitive outdoor camping
  • Meals: included
  • Equipment: a registration packet is supplied after enrollment; a registration packet will be supplied after enrollment; tent and sleeping pad rentals are available for $30
  • Knife Recommendation: SOG Northwest Ranger
  • Transport: Shuttle service from Medford, Oregon airport $100; Dunsmuir, CA train station $55; and, Weed, CA Greyhound bus station free.
  • Instructors and Staff: Mark Wienert Jr. owner – founder and head instructor; Staff – Lifesong volunteer students and possible guest instructor(s)

Don’t see a date that works for you? Customize THE EDGE to fit your schedule.

If your fired up and looking to challenge yourself while learning important and valuable survival skills, you are ready for extreme wilderness survival training – THE EDGE. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Extreme survival training – THE EDGE.