Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Teen wilderness adventure camp – California with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures. Providing teens and youth excellent outdoor education.  Bushcraft, nature awareness, animal tracking, for your son or daughter. Two Week, or 28 Days of wilderness adventure.

Wilderness Adventure Camp Teens - California

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Two Week, or 28 Days of wilderness adventure for teens – CA


Camp is held in the rugged and diverse wilderness of northern California just a few miles from Mount Shasta.

A note from Mark: folks, we now offer Texas Teen Survival Training near Austin. Please follow the link to learn more about our spring-break Teen Camp, Texas.

Teen Camp Discounts

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What we do:

Hiking, adventure camping, exploration, animal tracking, shelter building, primitive survival skills, summer fun, and so much more are all part of your teens exciting summer camp activities with Lifesong.

Parents, we care about your teen

I have taught and supported teens to connect with nature since 1994.  And I see the same wonderful recurring theme each summer. Students find a greater sense of creativity and balance during their time at camp. Spontaneous joyful laughter occurs frequently as their daily lives flow within the cycle of wilderness. I see the excitement in faces as the discovery of this new world opens to them. I believe teenagers need a safe place to explore wilderness without the trappings of modern life, which is why we give them the place and opportunity where they can be themselves and flourish within a community of peers and staff that is supportive and welcoming.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Two Week Adventure for ages 14-15:  includes basic and intermediate survival and outdoor education and skills training for ages  14 through ~OPEN

Two Weeks  of Wilderness Adventure for ages 16-18:  a two-week adventure with basic, intermediate, advanced, survival and outdoor skills training for ages16 through 18 ~OPEN

28 Days of Wilderness Adventure for Teens – an extensive 28 day Wilderness Immersion program combining both teen camps with more experiential wilderness survival training for the adventurous spirit from 15 to 18 years of age. ~OPEN

Why outdoor survival adventure training for your son or daughter?

I believe anytime spent outdoors has positive benefits for teens.  But add the skills of wilderness survival and nature awareness in a wilderness setting, in my experience, adds a richness, diversity, and discovery experience that can not be found anywhere else.

Note to Parents:

Parents, we are not a boot camp, a religious organization, or a therapy camp. We are a nature based adventure company specializing in adventure, wilderness survival, fun, nature awareness, and bush-craft skills.

What Parents say:

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

“i feel like i could go to lifesong adventures every summer for the rest of my life and still be challenged and surprised.” ~ Eli

“Our whole family
(three teenage boys, plus two parents) wholeheartedly recommend Mark Wienert’s tracking and camping experiences”.

“Mark is grounded spiritually and physically. He teaches by example from a wealth of experience and knowledge gained by living off and in harmony with the land. He’s a great role model and mentor — calm, wise, highly skilled, and thoughtful soul. We are very lucky to have found him. He has been a pivotal person in our sons’ coming of age over many years now.”

Barbara W. speaks to her daughter experience with us during the 28 day Teen Immersion camp 2015.

~Dear Mark and Lifesong staff, thank you for offering an incredible wilderness immersion experience for my 16 year old daughter this summer! My gratitude goes beyond words. This is such a significant developmental stage in my daughter’s life, and I can tell that she has just been through a life-changing four weeks being gently guided in trusting nature, gaining a deeper appreciation of the earth that sustains us, and learning to discover and trust in her own inner strength and power while testing new edges.
I can tell that she had a lot of fun, too, and greatly enjoyed the community of peers, counselors, and guides. And I am amazed by the practical skills she learned, as well. On our next camping trip, it will be her task to make fire without matches! And she really did learn how to safely harvest food from wilderness if needed and how to keep herself warm and sheltered.  As a teenage girl, learning survival skills in a supportive community has provided an invaluable opportunity for her to deepen her self-worth and become more grounded in her own true nature while taking courage to explore new edges. In today’s world of media and information overload and commercial pressure put on teens, I believe that any teenage girl would greatly benefit from the opportunity to participate in the kind of
experiences offered by LifeSong.

Our Staff

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Great staff makes the difference!Our Staff

Staff is comprised of head instructor – Mark Wienert, owner and founder of Lifesong Wilderness Adventures, professional survival instructor , Search and Rescue instructor, and graduate of the Tom Brown Tracker School; and hand picked Lifesong student volunteers exhibiting outstanding leadership qualities.

A complete list of camp activities for your adventure hungry teen(s) may be found here for two weeks of wilderness exploration and skills, and here for a 28 day extensive immersion in outdoor survival training and techniques.

Wetland Restoration Project

Each summer teens participate in the ongoing wetland restoration project at camp of a  Darlingtonia bog damaged by illegal off-road ATV vehicle use.  This valuable hands-on participation in wetland, stream course, and habitat restoration is a tremendous empowering experience for our young people.

Lifesong students are able to experience first hand that hard work and enthusiasm makes a positive difference in the world through positive action by helping to restore this beautiful and important wetland.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Talented and friendly staff at Lifesong

Please contact Mark Wienert  today and request an application for your son or daughter to attend one of Lifesong’s exciting teen wilderness adventure camps in California this summer.

About our teen camp

Parents and prospective students; Lifesong Wilderness Adventures is a professional outdoor adventure company that I began in 1994. We teach real wilderness skills in real outdoor settings. Our teen adventures are a combination of wilderness survival, nature awareness, hiking and camping skills and we are all about fun, adventure, learning, support, and positive reinforcement.

Students Testimonials

~Dear Mark, I found the experience of spending a month in the wilderness very internally cleansing. Being away from the city and my daily routine, and instead spending time in such a beautiful environment with caring people, allowed me to slow down and completely let go of all stresses. I lived in the present. Every morning I woke up full of curiosity at what the day would hold, and every evening I fell asleep content. The longer I stayed up there, the more I appreciated the nature around me, and the more I grew to like the simple lifestyle. As I was leaving I found that all my material desires – whether for technology, a warm shower, or certain foods – had disappeared. They were unnecessary, even a burden. I would have been content sleeping on the ground and living off of Polenta for the rest of my life.

I learned a lot, and had a great time doing it, whether I was swimming in pristine mountain lakes, cooking with the Dutch ovens, or covering myself in dirt for camouflage. The great staff made for a very warm and accepting community. In addition, I discovered a lot of strength, both physical and internal, within me, as I conquered challenges such as summiting the mountain after the two night overnight or making fire by bow drill.  I would definitely recommend this experience to other teenagers with a love for nature and a sense of adventure.

Best, Masha

What we are not

We are not a bed and breakfast, a motel, or leisure inn and we do not cater to students’ wants. However, we do offer our young people an opportunity to put their best foot forward, be responsible, respectful, and supportive of camp and engaged in all activities we provide.

We are not a boot camp, a religious organization, or a therapy camp. We are a nature based adventure company specializing in adventure, wilderness survival, fun, nature awareness, and bush-craft skills.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

14 or 28 days of exciting wilderness adventures for teens with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Chores and supporting camp

Yes we have chores at camp. We have water and firewood to haul, dishes to do, kitchen and general camp clean up every day. All teens are asked to help with chores and keep a clean and organized camp. We all pitch in together, including staff, to help give everyone more time for adventure, learning, and fun.

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Delicious foods prepared from scratch from our High camp field kitchen.

Leading Volunteer Staff

Our leading volunteer staff corps are both adult and teen members who have attended more than one camp with us and are hand-picked by Mark Wienert for their great attitude, maturity, communication skills, self-motivation, responsible behavior, and survival skills.

These incredible people give their time and support unselfishly to help make camp run smooth and to help make your teen’s experience the best one possible. We ask that your teen treat our staff as they would expect to be treated themselves.

Nature, you, and your child

“How can our kids really understand the moral complexities of being alive if they are not allowed to engage in those complexities outdoors?”    ~Richard Louve; author of Last Child in the Woods and the Nature Principle

Wilderness has a monumental transformative effect on our children. It is not enough for them to learn about nature only in the class room or a walk in a park. To know this deep and transforming experience a child must be immersed in wildness immersed in the sights and smells and sounds of nature. She must wake up to the dawn song, the rustling of birds scratching in the leaves, and greet the day with the splash of sharp coolness from a mountain stream upon her face.”   ~Mark Wienert

Tom Brown Jr. in his Field Guide to Nature and Survival For Children says:

“Keeping children always confined to houses, buildings, cars, and heavy clothing will eventually cut them off from what life is all about. You take away all possibility for them to really feel the intensity of life…By encapsulating our children, we cut them off from the feelings of anything real, and we teach them to resist the forces of nature…If you are going to the beach, the woods, the swamps, or the wilderness, really get into it, roll in it, and get rid of all protection that will separate you from fully appreciating where you are. Become alive, not removed and insulated, and teach your children to do the same.”    ~Tom Brown Jr.

We offer an incredible opportunity for your teen at Lifesong. As a parent and grandfather, I understand how difficult it can be to make important decisions regarding our children, but I believe you will find my teen summer adventures  a gift your child will thank you for, for the rest of their lives.

Please request an application for your teen today!

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Sponsor a Teen to Camp

Sponsoring a teen for camp is a gift that lasts a lifetime and can make a huge positive difference in a teen’s life. Especially those who’s families do not have the resources to send their son or daughter to camp. Please sponsor a teen to camp this summer and help make a positive difference forever in someone’s life.

Lifesong Wilderness Adventures Scholarships

If you have or know of a teenager who wishes to attend one of our Teen Adventure Camps but are unable to afford the tuition due to financial constraints, please email Mark with your request.

Lifesong Wilderness Adventures is a for-profit small business, and donations to our Sponsorship or Scholarships are-not tax deductible.