Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Teen Wilderness Adventure Camp – California

Exciting outdoor wilderness adventure, outdoor survival training, bush-craft, nature awareness, animal tracking, fun, and more for your son or daughter.

One Week, Two Week, or 28 Days of Wilderness Adventure for Teens

Austin experiencing the sweet vanilla scent of a Jeffery Pine tree.

Wilderness adventure camp for teens – California

Lifesong Wilderness Adventure’s co-ed wilderness summer overnight teen camps are located in the rugged and diverse mountain habitat of northern California near Mt. Shasta.

Hiking, adventure camping, exploration, animal tracking, shelter building, primitive survival skills, summer fun, and so much more are all part of your teens exciting summer camp activities.

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One Week or Two Week Adventure: ages 14-15:  one week or two week adventure with basic intermediate, and advanced survival skill training for ages - 14 through ~OPEN

Two Weeks  of Wilderness Adventure: ages 16-18:  a two week adventure with basic intermediate, and advanced survival skill training for ages - 16 through 18 ~OPEN

28 Days of Wilderness Adventure for Teens: an extensive 28 day Wilderness Immersion program combining both teen camps with more experiential wilderness survival training for the adventurous spirit from 15 to 18 years of age. ~OPEN

Wilderness Survival Training for Teenagers 2013 with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures

Wilderness Survival Training for Teenagers 2013 Lifesong Wilderness Adventures

In order for your teenagers to have the best one-on-one, personalized attention with hands-on experience, space is limited to (12) participants during the one-week, (12) during the two-week camp, and (12) participants for the 28 day Apprentice program.

The ratio of staff to students is high and provides excellent quality instruction.


We are not a boot camp, a religious organization, or a therapy camp. We are a nature based adventure company specializing in adventure, wilderness survival, fun, nature awareness, and bush-craft skills.


“i feel like i could go to lifesong adventures every summer for the rest of my life and still be challenged and surprised.” ~ Eli

Our whole family
(three teenage boys, plus two parents) wholeheartedly recommend Mark Wienert’s tracking and camping experiences”.

“Mark is grounded spiritually and physically. He teaches by example from a wealth of experience and knowledge gained by living off and in harmony with the land. He’s a great role model and mentor — calm, wise, highly skilled, and thoughtful soul. We are very lucky to have found him. He has been a pivotal person in our sons’ coming of age over many years now.”

~ Meg Durbin, M.D., Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, Utilization Management Assistant, Medical Director, Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Clinton L. Lewis, MS, Professor of Astronomy, Division of Science & Mathematics, West Valley College, Author of “Explicit gauge covariant Euler–Lagrange equation.

Denali, a Lifesong volunteer staff member.

Great staff makes the difference!

Teen Staff

Staff is comprised of Head Instructor – Mark Wienert, owner and founder of Lifesong Wilderness Adventures, professional survival instructor , Search and Rescue instructor, and graduate of the Tom Brown Tracker School;

and hand picked Lifesong student volunteers exhibiting outstanding leadership qualities.

A complete list of camp activities for your adventure hungry teen(s) may be found here for a one week summer adventure, and here for two weeks of wilderness exploration and skills, and here for a 28 day extensive immersion in outdoor survival training and techniques.

Wetland Restoration Project

Each summer teens participate in the ongoing wetland restoration project at camp of a  Darlingtonia bog damaged by illegal off-road ATV vehicle use.  This valuable hands-on participation in wetland, stream course, and habitat restoration is a tremendous empowering experience for our young people.

Lifesong students are able to experience first hand that hard work and enthusiasm makes a positive difference in the world through positive action by helping to restore this beautiful and important wetland.


Talented and friendly staff at Lifesong

Please contact Mark Wienert  today and request an application for your son or daughter to attend one of Lifesong’s exciting teen wilderness adventure camps in California this summer.