Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas with professional survival expert Mark Wienert.

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas offers personally empowering wilderness survival skills. The skills that will save your life and those of your loved ones during an emergency.

L.O.S.T. -TX Survival Training

During the two Texas course, you will learn what is available and useful for the most basic of human needs to survive during an emergency. We cover shelter, locating water and filtration, fire-craft, and wild edibles.

Also included in your training you will learn how to harvest and prepare both game and plants for bodily nutrition and hydration.

Learning how what’s needed for your most basic needs in an emergency survival situation is not only smart, it gives you the personal knowledge and security you will need during an outdoor emergency.

Wilderness survival training in Texas is much more than learning to respond in a crisis. Wienert’s L.O.S.T. – TX training is a doorway into a rich and rewarding experience of nature and the outdoors.

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

2017 Dates: Standard – March 12 – 15, ~ $549.00 Standard/Advanced – March 12 – 18,  ~$895.00

Location: Griffith League Scout Ranch, near AustinTexas

Unable to attend the full week? No worries, choose Texas Standard survival training. Four (4) days of exciting survival training.

Save $ by attending both camps! ~Registration Open. 

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Texas Standard & Advanced Standard

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

Ask yourself this question. Could you survive outdoors in a natural disaster for one week without matches, a gun, a knife, food, and the skills needed to survive?  Do you really want to rely on someone else to make life and death decisions for you and your family’s survival when things get tough?

At Texas camp, the type of knowledge, training, and certainty of action gives you the edge during any crisis. L.O.S.T-Texas survival training is much more than learning how to respond to a crisis.  The skills and techniques you develop during this course are also doorways to a greater and richer experience in the world of nature.

You learn what is available in the outdoors, how to use it, prepare it, to supply the most basic of survival needs. Consider wild plants.  Plants can be edible, medicinal, or utilitarian; like a common flower that will slow or stop bleeding; a root to numb a toothache; bark that tastes like root beer; and, plant fiber so strong you can make a bowstring.  You will never view a flower, leaf, stalk, bush, stick, or a tree the same way again. Modern technology is great and makes our life more comfortable, but if our cell phone dies, we lose it, forget it, or a hundred other scenarios.

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas


“… being able to make a fire, a survival shelter, and a trap for food, just seems like good skills to acquire…..”  ~Joshua P.

“Dear Mark, I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful week, it was very enlightening, humbling and so interesting to get a small glimpse into your wealth of knowledge. I really walked away with more than I thought I would and it has really put a new perspective on things. I look forward to my next adventure with Lifesong!”   ~Chris W.

Hi, Mark. This is Qiong. I attended the Texas survival camp last year and had a wonderful time. When people asked me about my best time in America, I always mentioned my experience during the camp. That was probably my most exciting and memorable adventure I have ever done.     ~Qiong W.

Wilderness Survival Training in TexasWe hope you never have to apply these skills in a true survival situation, but would you like to know personally, how empowering these skills are?  L.O.S.T. can show you during the four (4) day Texas Standard Survival Training; or, take both the Texas Standard and Texas Advanced Standard for seven (7) days of continuous, empowerment, reward, and challenge.

Texas ♦ Standard Survival Training

• Psychology of survival – mental attitude, panic, fear factor • survival pack – 24 and 72 hour • clothing – layering • survival knife – style, sharpening, use and safety • shelter – primitive, modern, emergency • water – hydration,  plant, treatment • fire – safety, one match, flint/steel, bow drill • wild edibles – plant and insect • natural fibers – cordage, string • the hunt – tools, traps

Texas ♦ Advanced Standard Survival Training

• tracking – nature observation and awareness • fire – hand drill, carrying fire • wild medicinal plants • primitive cooking containers • open fire cooking • traps – making and setting • creating primitive hunting tools • the hunt – stalking, camouflage Unable to attend the full week? No worries, you also have the option of taking the Texas Standard Training. Four (4) days of exciting and educational wilderness survival training.

Wilderness Survival Training in Texas

More ♦ Camp Info

        • Eligible Students: adult, teens 16 and older may attend with parental permission – enrollment maximum, 20 students
        • Requirements: Currently accepting registration for Texas Camp – 2015
        • Duration: Texas Standard 4 days, Texas Advanced Standard 4 days
        • Schedule: Standard begins Sunday at 11:00 AM and ends Wednesday at 11:00 AM-Advanced Standard begins Wednesday at 2:00 PM and ends Saturday at 11:00 AM
        • Accommodations: on-site tenting, tent not included. Tent rentals available or you may make arrangements for local lodging
        • Meals: included
        • Location: Griffith League Scout Ranch, Bastrop, Texas
        • Airport: Austin-Bergstrom international airport code AUS
        • Transportation: Shuttle service is available from AUS to camp and airport return -$40.00
        • Instructors and Staff: Mark Wienert, volunteers, and guest instructors


Wilderness Survival Training in Texas