edible and useful wild coastal plants - Oregon

Edible and Useful Wild Coastal Plants – Oregon

Discover edible and useful wild coastal plants - Oregon. Join with your guide, Mark Wienert, as we discover the benefits and uses of Oregon's coastal plants. Each day offers a unique experience which includes plant identification of edible, medicinal, and utilitarian plants.


Edible and Useful Fungi
Dates: Oct 24, 2020 ~CLOSED
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Edible and Useful Wild Coastal Plants - Oregon

Emphasis is on identifying and uses of wild edible and useful plants of the Oregon Coast.
Includes lecture and field study.

Photo of Stinging Nettle Edible and Useful Wild Coastal Plant - Oregon
Stinging Nettle for cordage and food

Wild plants, we admire them, harvest them, use them, and eat them. Discover what common wild plants grow near you and how you can include them in your diet, medical kit, and material uses.

Foods and medicine

And it's easy to add wild plants to your seasonal menu. Coastal plants, trees, and yes even fungi give us a bounty of practical and utilitarian uses.

Traditional plants uses

Native peoples have been using these plants for thousands of years. Wild plants like the Stinging Nettle in the photo are an important resource for fiber. Fishing line and rope were made from the strong inner fibers of this plant.

String making using plants

You will try your hand at string making.  learn how and when to harvest, prepare, and twist string also called cordage from Nettle and several other useful plants.

Wild berries

Who can say no to a fresh berry pie made from ripe Oregon coast berries? But that's not all. Some berries can be made into syrup or dried for use as antiviral medicine. Wild plants have so much to offer the outdoor forager. We only book up to ten people for this two-day weekend. Book your spot today and begin your journey into the interesting and amazing world of edible and useful wild coastal plants of Oregon.

Edible and Useful Fungi

Edible & Useful Fungi
King Bolete is prized for its flavor.

The Oregon coast is rich in edible and useful wild plants. The wild plants we gather also include fungi. Mushrooms of a dizzying variety and diversity. Autumn's light and shorter days bring from the damp earth a scent of apricot and cinnamon. Our favorite mushrooms are bursting forth.

Forage for Mushrooms

Join Mark as we learn to identify, forage, and discover our favorite wild edible mushrooms. There is simply nothing as fun as a mushroom hunt along the Oregon coast. Foraging for mushrooms has for us become an important ritual we look forward to each fall.

Mushroom Cooking and Recipes

Share the rich and delightful flavors unique to each edible mushroom. Chanterelle, Hogs, Yellow Foot, and more. Learn how to cook and savor these delicious and nutritional wild foods of the forest.


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Edible and Useful Wild Coastal Plants - Oregon


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