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How to make fire in the Oregon wet.

Here, we experience heavy winter rainfall and high humidity conditions. Two good reasons why I offer this course during this time of year.

It’s wet and I can’t start a fire!

It’s one thing to practice building a campfire during the warm and dry months of summer. But add driving rain and howling wind to the mix. Now you have perfect conditions to test and challenge your fire-making skill.

I’m down to my last match!

As someone who appreciates the skill it takes to make fire in extreme conditions. You will learn and apply a variety of ways to make fire during class. We will cover wooden and paper matches, lighters, flints, and magnesium. You will learn to use plant and tree materials and where to find the best kindling and tinder.

I’m cold and sopping wet!

Understanding the mechanics and science behind fire making is important for success. We know that without enough oxygen for combustion we will have poor results. And we also know that not having enough dry fuel will make it difficult to make a good hot fire.

Fire Craft makes the difference!

The difference between an uncomfortable night out or a life-threatening one. Mastering fire empowers you for success in wet and hypothermic conditions.

Where you will succeed, others fail.


Dates: This course is now online. Fire-Craft and The Bow Drill are offered together as a package. Please Contact Mark for details.


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How to make fire in the oregon wet with oregon Survival School
Intro Fire-Craft Oregon Survival School


Basic Fire Making

Our goal is to build a strong foundation in basic fire-making. Students learn and practice with hand-on instruction for success in extreme wet conditions.

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"I'm really excited to have so much time dedicated to just a single essential skill like fire craft." ~ John Butler

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Jul 01 2020 - Dec 31 2020