First Circle Survival Skills Training

First Circle Camp California

Practical Wilderness Survival  Skills For Men and Women

A very wise woman once said;

"Our people used traditional knowledge from the forest, to help themselves...Learn to carry your box of matches in your mind and muscle"
~Vaasilli Moelagi Jackson. Savaii, Western Samoa.


Dates: September 13-16, 2020 ~CLOSED
Where: Mount Shasta, CA
Tuition: $00.00



Jeff Holden making use of natural camouflage to blend in to his surroundings First Circle Camp
Jeff Holden using camouflage to blend into the forest.
First Circle student engaging in strength training
First Circle student engaging in strength training


First Circle the Standard in California Wilderness Survival Training

Our training features empowering survival skills emphasizing primitive and modern technology. First Circle Camp provides outstanding hands-on outdoor survival skills. Our training is professional, engaging, and effective.

What we do

It's important you have a sense of what it might be like in real survival. We have exercises to expand your senses, movement, and awareness in nature. Training exercises prepare you for situations encountered in outdoor survival.

Primitive Skills

Primitive fire-craft, hunting tools, shelter, and other survival skills are taught.


Our emphasis is to instruct what's available on the land. Then how to apply and use what nature has available for our survival and long term needs.

First Circle Camp Curriculum
  • shelter - primitive and emergency
  • clothing – layering and natural insulation
  • water – locate, solar - treatment and filtering systems
  • fire – modern and primitive friction fire
  • wild food – plant, insect, and animal
  • wild plant identification
  • survival knife – sharpening, use, and safety
  • primitive tools
  • animal tracking - nature observation
  • demonstrate trapping methods – snare, dead-fall
  • staying found - map and compass
  • survival attitude
  • leave no trace

Imagine being more at home, prepared, and confident in the outdoors then you ever imagined. Each day increases your experience, knowledge, and skill level.

California Survival Skills

First Circle is the first camp in our Circle Series of Survival.  Each course in the Series advances your skill and experience level dramatically.

  1. First Circle
  2. Second Circle
  3. The EDGE

To be confident and capable outdoors. Training and experience must be your goal. My training does just that.

A step by step process to get you where you want to go.

  • Lose the fear
  • Get strong
  • Be capable

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  • Students: adult and age 16 an older with parental consent - enrollment maximum 10 
  • Camp duration:  4 days 3 nights
  • Schedule:  begins on a Sunday 2:00 pm – ends on Wednesday at 11:00 am
  • Location: northern California near Mt Shasta
  • Accommodations:  camp site and vehicle parking included
  • Equipment:  a registration packet will be supplied after enrollment; tent and sleeping pad rentals are available for $30
  • Parking: included

Transport: shuttle service from Medford, Oregon airport $100; Dunsmuir, CA train station $75; and, Weed, CA Greyhound bus station free

We reserve the right to include or omit any of the course topics listed.

Mark Wienert owner-founder instructor; Staff – LWA volunteers.

The Standard in California Survival Training.


Student testimonials

"I was nervous to learn that I would be the only woman at my First Circle. After meeting Mark, his staff, and the other participants, I was immediately relieved of all my worry. Mark and the staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable:  worked hard to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment. Because of the kindness and awareness of the six men in the group, I was able to focus all my energy on learning wilderness skills instead of on the fact that I was the only woman. Big thanks to Mark and everyone else for a great experience and fantastic adventure!"
~Michelle Killingsworth

Ladies, Michelle is not the only woman who has attended First Circle Camp with us over the years, but she is one of the few who attend as the only female. Generally, our attendance of women is about 30% of the group. The exception was last May 2017 when the Ladies outnumbered the fellows. Way to go gals!

"Lifesong Wilderness Adventures provides such a wonderful experience. Whether participating in refresher courses or new courses, I always feel incredibly empowered and confident afterward. Dirt-Time is hard to come by for me due to my day job. Lifesong provides a mix of class and dirt-time that allows for continuous growth and awareness that I can use not just in the great outdoors, but even at home and at work. Thank you, Mark, for being such an inspiring and patient teacher. And to the staff!!! WOW! I might have gained some weight during my week at First Circle Camp. Thank you, Jayson and Robert!!"
~Roberta Kellis

Dear Mark,
"I wanted to share with you and your team my thoughts and reaction to Life Song Adventures. When thinking of my experience what comes to mind is magical, awe-inspiring and Life changing.
When I got home I couldn't thank my wife and daughter enough for giving me the gift of Life Song for my 60th birthday. You have given something back to me that I thought I had been lost long ago, the wonder of nature and my place in it.
~Jeff Holden.

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Sep 15 2019 - Sep 19 2019




Mount Shasta, CA