Bow Drill Online Course

The Bow Drill

The Bow Drill. Make fire the old way in this rigorous two-day fire making class. Knowledge, technique, tenacity, and a expert coach. These are the key components to your success. The Bow Drill. Fire by friction. Become a Fire-Keeper. Insuring the old ways of fire-craft for future generations. Be a master of the "whirling wood".


Success with The Bow Drill. Online Coaching with Survival Skills Expert Mark Wienert

Online Coaching.

The Bow Drill
Location: Online Coaching
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Tuition: $199.00

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Bow Drill: fire by friction

The magical dance between oxygen, fuel, and friction. When these three work together in harmony you have success with the bow drill. Fire by friction.

Online Coaching will cover these important skills to be successful with friction fire. You will be carving your own kit with what you have available. If you are able forage outside in your yard or beyond, Great. But not necessary to begin training. We can come up with other options as needed.

  • knife safety and use – wood carving
  • fire safety and responsibility
  • bow drill kit carving
  • tree & plant identification
  • tinder bundle, fine kindling
  • knots
  • cordage
  • one match fire construction
  • leave no trace

Primitive Fire

Over time the knowledge of primitive fire was forgotten. Left in the shadows as the new ways replaced the old. Fire by friction became a myth lost in in time. Just another story told around the campfire.

Lucky for us the old way of making fire was never lost. It continued to be passed down from Mother to daughter, Father to son. Burned into the mind and muscle of a new generation of fire keepers.

Fire by friction with the bow drill requires the sacrifice of practice. Creating fire this way is not easy. You must be present, patient, and focused, to be successful. Fire by friction is a worthy skill to learn. A survival skill that connects us to the past and brings meaning to the present.

The Bow Drill

When all else fails you have another option for making fire.


I recommend taking the survival skills weekend course Fire-Craft before the more advanced Bow Drill training. The amount of detail and hands on experience prepares you for fire by friction.  But, I have set up both classes to be equally informative for the novice and experienced fire maker. Either choice is a good one. Taking both is better for mastering fire-craft.


Apr 08 2020 - Dec 31 2020