THE EDGE. Extreme survival training. Students train in survival.

The Edge – CA

Extreme Survival Training For Men and Women

Learn to survive with only a knife, flint, canteen, and the clothes on your back. Backcountry survival emergencies do happen and our THE EDGE training prepares you. Learn masterful survival skills needed to face and survive the unknown. Your survival vacation starts here.

  • Expert instruction with Mark Wienert
  • Find your new comfort zone
  • Increase your physical and mental resilience
  • Challenge yourself in this rigorous, demanding, outdoor adventure.

THE EDGE captures the essence of survival training
~Dr. Dean Glasser


Locations 2020: Mount Shasta, CA.
Tuition: $845.00
California EDGE: May 24-29, 2020
(Texas EDGE – details at Texas page)



  • Emergency fire making
  • Minimal shelter
  • Water a vital need
  • Food if you can find it
Extreme adventure training

As your instructor, my goal is your absolute success.

A Rite of Passage

THE EDGE, marks and celebrates important times in our life. Such as a Rite of Passage experience. THE EDGE reaffirm's you still have 'what it takes'.  Reconnect's with the wild within.

Who attends THE EDGE?

Couples, fathers and sons, mother and daughters, sisters, and brothers. Professionals, active military and police officers. All have attended THE EDGE.

The Skills Covered

During an outdoor survival emergency many factors come into play. Weather is always a factor. Freezing temperatures to extreme heat can play out in a single day in some areas of the US.


An understanding and the ability to apply shelter concepts are paramount.


Water is as vital as the air we breath. Dehydration restricts our ability to to think, plan, and act.

Fire Craft

The core training for all outdoor skills is your ability to be successful with fire. To master fire your knowledge and skill level must produce success.

The Knife

Vincent is a graduate of our Texas survival training and THE EDGE. He also sent his son to our 14-day teen adventure a few years ago. Vincent and I were talking on the phone one day and he kept bringing up - the knife camp. Puzzled at first I then realized what he was talking about.

Of course, he was talking about the EDGE. Which made me reflect that a big part of this extreme adventure training is all about knife skills.

We train with the knife everyday. How to use a knife safely. And to prepare kindling and tinder for fire making. A knife for striping bark, cutting, and notching. It made sense. The Knife. A good name for this adventure. I like the sound of that.

Plan early and register for this challenging and rewarding adventure.


  • Eligible Students: adults and teens minimum age 16 – enrollment maximum 8
  • Requirements: good physical condition
  • Duration: 6 days 5 nights
  • Schedule: begins on a Sunday 4:00 pm – ends on a Friday at 12:00 pm (noon).
  • Location: 4 hours drive north of San Francisco Bay area, in northern California near Mount Shasta. 6 hours south of Portland Oregon. 2020, In Texas near Austin.
  • Accommodations: primitive outdoor camping
  • Meals: provided
  • Equipment: a registration packet will be supplied after enrollment; tent and sleeping pad rentals are available for $30
  • Knife recommendation: best survival knife
  • Transport: Shuttle service from Medford, Oregon airport $110; Dunsmuir, CA train station $55; and, Weed, CA Greyhound bus station free. Texas, Austin Bergstrom Airport $40.
  • Instructor: Mark Wienert and volunteer staff


Read what our EDGE graduates have to say:

I had a completely different review planned. Then Hurricane Harvey hit. In August of 2017, I took the Edge. Atypically, I took the course without having done any of the earlier ones such as first circle. Despite my limited knowledge, I was able to learn and survive.

Ryan The Edge
Ryan's testimonial of THE EDGE

The class was a fantastic experience; however that is not what this is about. Shortly after I completed the class, Hurricane Harvey came barreling towards my home. Severe flooding, tornado's, and no access to traditional food sources resulted. Thanks to the training I had received in the Edge, and especially thanks to the mindset developed there, I was able to manage my family's survival situation with ease.

I credit our safety during this disaster to Mark and his teachings, as well as the overall experience of the Edge. Thank you, Mark. We are safely managing this disaster thanks to you.
~Ryan Fremuth

Challenging adventure

Dear Mark,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for another incredible week of the Edge at LWA. The opportunity to come back this time with my son Kevin and to share this journey has provided us a lifetime of memories. The program you have designed captures the essence of survival training physicality as well as mental toughness. These tools complemented by your advanced training leaves the survivalist a profound sense of spiritual appreciation for nature and the obstacles we must overcome.

Dr. Dean Glasser
Prof. Columbia University Dental School
LI Scout Baltimore Orioles
Major League Baseball

Wilderness survival skills

"Dear Mark,
I am awfully glad I had the opportunity to spend that time with you. It has helped me connect in a more profound way to nature around me. I look at it differently and slow down so that I can be more present to it – for some reason I am now better able to blot out much of the extraneous stimuli of modern life. Also, and equally important, I have an entirely more practical and nuanced understanding of survival in the wild – no longer driven to conquer it, far less afraid of it, and far more confident in my ability to make the appropriate decisions. Far more in awe of nature too! Cheers!"
~ Hugh MacMillan

"Hey Mark, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to thank you again for an amazing experience in the edge camp. Rick and I had a great time learning about the wild and how to survive with nothing!"
~Darren Desgroseilliers.

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May 05 2019 - May 10 2019


$845. Early Bird: $800


Mount Shasta, CA

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