14-day Wilderness Immersion Adult Outdoor Survival Training


DATES: April 05-18, 2020. 14-Day
WHERE: Low Camp, Mount Shasta, CA
TUITION: $1,699.00. ER discount – $1,609.00 buy on or before February, 15, 2020.
*Ages 18 and over.

Unable to attend the full 14-days? Attend the first 7-days only.
7-DAY IMMERSION: April 05-11, 2020, $879.00


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Adult Immersion Survival Training – 14 day CA

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A list of the practical primitive skills and applications for wilderness immersion training.
    • leave no trace
    • primitive backpacking techniques
    • survival shelters – modern and primitive
    • water – locate, treatment and filtering techniques
    • fire – primitive friction fire
    • wild food – plant, insect, and animal
    • wild plant – medicinal and utilitarian
    • navigation
    • wildlife human interaction
    • tracking and nature observation
    • quick bow – arrow making
    • trapping methods – snares and deadfalls
    • conservation
    • hiking

Hands-on, one week or two-week wilderness California survival training. Develop practical skills to better explore and backpack in wilderness.


Eligible Students: adults 18 and over
Maximum enrollment: 12
Contact us for an application form prior to purchasing camp
Duration: 7 or 14 days
Schedule: begins on a Sunday 4:00 pm – ends on a Saturday at 12:00 pm (noon)
Accommodations: primitive outdoor camping
Meals: food provided
Location: 4 hours north of San Francisco Bay area, in northern California near Mt. Shasta
Transport: see more services
Instructors and Staff: Mark Wienert owner – founder and head instructor


“This has been a phenomenal adventure and everything you have taught me and all that I have learned this summer, about myself, and others and life will, for sure, prove invaluable in my journeys that lie ahead. THANK YOU!
~ Todd M.

“Dear Mark and all who are considering taking this course.
It’s taken a long while, but I am finally writing about August. And I want to tell you that the Immersion was the best-spent month of my life. What a gift: both to dwell in a timeless space of just remembering how to really come alive, live vibrantly and stay attuned, and then to live each day considering and practicing what it all means regarding what, how, when, and why you do the things you do. And to be able to have an ongoing dialogue–with a person of Mark’s strength and wisdom (and patience!)–about being a part of the wider community of life…..well, I feel so fulfilled.
Along with making fire almost every eve now (a gift every time), and having more of an eye for tool making and tracking than I knew I could have, each day I see and feel more than I ever have before. And thanks to Mark, I have been reminded of the energy and joy that the freedom of nature grants the human spirit. Whether I’m surrounded by mountains or buildings, now I know that my life’s honest and wild Song still sounds. And now I know that I have the power to listen to it.
Thank you so much Mark.
~ Robert Lee. Immersion 2015

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